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While living in Japan, I met Sachi, the proprietor of a Japanese antique/tea house, high in the mountains of Motobu.  As our friendship grew, Sachi shared many beautiful treasures and experiences with me.  One being invited to a kimono auction, where I bid on a box of yukata (summer cotton kimonos). Afterwards I was asked "What are you going to do with them?" Thus my collection of kimono and obi sash began.


I was taught to sew at a young age and while living in Asia during the early and late 60's, the different textiles, fabrics and tailoring shops fascinated me.  The idea of a custom tailored garment intrigued me and my appreciation of different lifestyles and cultures enriched my soul and awakened my passion to create.


After years of schooling in textiles, tailoring, metals and art history, I opened a unique boutique in Tempe, Arizona, specializing in hand crafted garments from recycled denim jeans and promotional t-shirts.  Leather came into play which intrigued me to work more and more with this medium, pushing the boundaries.  After 24 years of working leather, my husband and I decided to move to Japan.


My current collection reinterprets, reassembles and cultivates the textiles I've collected on travels around the world.  The materials are carefully selected to enhance design details, unusual embellishments and intricate detail make each work a visually appealing statement.





Allowing oneself to mature, like a fruit, slowly and not to consume hastily and throw it away..........

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